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Belron is a vehicle glass repair and replacement group operating worldwide across 34 countries and employing over 25,000 people. Belron's brands include Autoglass and Autoglass bodyrepair in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, Carglass in most of Europe, Safelite in the United States, O'Brien in Australia, Smith & Smith in New Zealand, and Lebeau and Speedy Glass in Canada.

Nick Carpenter shared in a review "After having Autoglass deny they had botched the installation of my windscreen. It took some back and forth and physical journey's and time taken off from work to visit Autoglass and Mitsubishi. Only for Autoglass to finally admit to their error. This was in December 2019. Autoglass advised not to worry they would take any and all remedial action to repair the vehicle after significant water damage. They returned the vehicle on the 16th of January only for it to be obvious there were still electrical issues and all that had happened was they had put a dehumidifier in the vehicle and cleaned it. The technician who dropped the vehicle off to my wife blatantly lied to her face and said there were no issues and that the random beeping had stopped. When my wife came to drive the car later on it was apparent that the beeping was still occuring and the air conditioning unit would not work without the headlights being on. Worse still whilst she was driving my 1 year old daughter home from nursery the power steering briefly causing them to be on the wrong side of the road! I demanded the car go to Mitsubishi for actual remedial work to be completed, which was done and a new ACU was required. The car was finally returned on the 28th of February. After all of this Autoglass had the audacity to offer a "compensation" that doesn't even cover the payments I made on vehicle I was unable to drive!"


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Scott Wilby says

"Auto glass engineer Split primer on my driver other 2 weeks ago still trying to get into contact with customer service team to get a cleaning team out they keep saying this will ring me back but never do! The drive is band new too"

Current Employee - Technician says

"Lack of proper training faculty They’ll hire anyone Don’t really care about you or your situations Training is a joke"

Technician (Current Employee) says

"been at autoglass for 5 years and gets worse every 6 months with changes to how techs are scored. failed jobs due to wrong glass, weather, customer unavailable, no insurance (goes against technician). not selling enough wipers (£37!) warranty rate dropping from 5% to 2%. working 60 hour weeks, getting paid for 40. i could go on. could be a great job but senior management clueless."

Dan Halsall says

"Had an appointment booked for them to.attend my address they never turned up never even bothered to call me to say they wernt or even the fact that supposedly my vehicle required calibration so i rang them complained etc for the fact i took the day off work they offered me in the end £15 ....thankfully i never paid the excess which they wont be getting for the fact £15 is both disrespectful and derogatory based upon the circumstances and to make matters worse its not the first time theyve messed up Generally poor/terrible communication couldn't run a pi$$ up in a brewery"

Former Employee - Service Technician says

"Management tells you nothing, circle around questions, never return calls or answered the phones"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"This is exactly the company i worked for, that's why the review is very low because I truly dont know this company. But if you plan to work in an "Autoglass" company i highly recommend it, it's relatively easy."

Josh Bamford says

"Absolutely nightmare. Had a broken window to which I hired Autoglass to fix it because it needed doing promptly. I saw that the balance was to be paid but I wanted to ask if it was for before or after the job so I waited for the Mechanic to turn up. He informed me it was before and that he needed to see it was paid before completing the job. I did this though the online transaction and then showed the mechanic my transaction. He said that it hadn't showed up to him that it had gone through but it probably just needed a bit of time, so he finished and then was on his way. I kept an eye on my bank account to make sure it didn't bounce back. Which it didn't. I then receive emails and letters with an outstanding balance to be paid. I explained to people I have paid it and then prove to them I have paid it to which they say OK. Fast forward a year and they sent me a Final Demand letter stating the balance is still due and that it needed to be paid in 7 days. Now I've recently moved house and didnt get this for a couple of months, way past the 7 days. So once again I've proven that I've paid it and that it is their duty to find it and leave me alone."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative (CSR) says

"Training sucked, the job was stressful"

Technician/Fitter (Former Employee) says

"Biggest bunch of b.s i've ever worked for, if you like being under pressure in all weather, constantly being reminded your legally liable if your work is at fault if a customer has an accident, then this is the place your been waiting to work all your life ! Beware of the back stabbers that are called 'colleauges'."

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