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Belron is a vehicle glass repair and replacement group operating worldwide across 34 countries and employing over 25,000 people. Belron's brands include Autoglass and Autoglass bodyrepair in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, Carglass in most of Europe, Safelite in the United States, O'Brien in Australia, Smith & Smith in New Zealand, and Lebeau and Speedy Glass in Canada.

Nick Carpenter shared in a review "After having Autoglass deny they had botched the installation of my windscreen. It took some back and forth and physical journey's and time taken off from work to visit Autoglass and Mitsubishi. Only for Autoglass to finally admit to their error. This was in December 2019. Autoglass advised not to worry they would take any and all remedial action to repair the vehicle after significant water damage. They returned the vehicle on the 16th of January only for it to be obvious there were still electrical issues and all that had happened was they had put a dehumidifier in the vehicle and cleaned it. The technician who dropped the vehicle off to my wife blatantly lied to her face and said there were no issues and that the random beeping had stopped. When my wife came to drive the car later on it was apparent that the beeping was still occuring and the air conditioning unit would not work without the headlights being on. Worse still whilst she was driving my 1 year old daughter home from nursery the power steering briefly causing them to be on the wrong side of the road! I demanded the car go to Mitsubishi for actual remedial work to be completed, which was done and a new ACU was required. The car was finally returned on the 28th of February. After all of this Autoglass had the audacity to offer a "compensation" that doesn't even cover the payments I made on vehicle I was unable to drive!"


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Current Employee - Technician says

"Lack of proper training faculty They’ll hire anyone Don’t really care about you or your situations Training is a joke"

Former Employee - Service Technician says

"Management tells you nothing, circle around questions, never return calls or answered the phones"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative (CSR) says

"Training sucked, the job was stressful"

Former Employee - Associate says

"The coworkers were very angry and hostile and the training was awful."

Former Employee - Leadership says

"Easily the senior leadership. At first I thought it was me, or maybe just a few bad experiences. However after time it seems our leader didn’t live the values he asked us to live and his staff increasingly became like him. A culture of blaming and covering up instead of integrity and leadership. Ultimately what pushed me out the door was unequal opportunities, and wow was I rewarded when I moved on. I love my new company and am recognized for what I do. It sadly took a few months to get used to that feeling after working so long in that environment, but a good sign I made the right decision. Expect to pay more for less in medical coverage than a typical company in this area."

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative II says

"Lack of communication, and management staff constantly lies to you about moving up in the company. Pay is awful!"

Current Employee - Claims Adjuster says

"Deficiencies lie in chain of command. Whether sending information up, or down to the masses, it is seldom accurately or efficiently relayed-especially as it relates to pay."

Current Employee - Call Center Customer Service Representative says

"Absolutely no caring about your mental and physical health from anyone in leadership positions Some management is embarrassingly inexperienced and ill suited for their positions When the current pandemic started, during the first few weeks they seemed to be sympathetic to what everyone was dealing with and now they do not care how things are negatively impacting our lives They do not enforce social distancing or mask wearing so those of us who are susceptible to Covid-19 are at risk everyday. Having a job during these times can be looked at as a positive, but the mental strain and potential health risks are not always worth it"

Current Employee - Auto Glass Technician says

"Whole process before becoming a tech here in NYC is a B.S. Could go months waiting to get bumped from $15 to $19 once you do become a technician and that will be the last time you will ever see a raise, if you lucky you could get a couple cents raise every year. They will find any reason not to give you your "weekly" bonus. winter months you may only work 4 days a week or they make you stay home for 2 months"

Technician (Current Employee) says

"been at autoglass for 5 years and gets worse every 6 months with changes to how techs are scored. failed jobs due to wrong glass, weather, customer unavailable, no insurance (goes against technician). not selling enough wipers (£37!) warranty rate dropping from 5% to 2%. working 60 hour weeks, getting paid for 40. i could go on. could be a great job but senior management clueless."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"This is exactly the company i worked for, that's why the review is very low because I truly dont know this company. But if you plan to work in an "Autoglass" company i highly recommend it, it's relatively easy."

Technician/Fitter (Former Employee) says

"Biggest bunch of b.s i've ever worked for, if you like being under pressure in all weather, constantly being reminded your legally liable if your work is at fault if a customer has an accident, then this is the place your been waiting to work all your life ! Beware of the back stabbers that are called 'colleauges'."

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"Management are completely useless. incorrect amount paid every month constantly re corrected the next month. To sum it up find something else the rate of turnover for staff is a joke as well nobody knows what they're doing either"

none (Former Employee) says

"After having been in the trade for 6 1/2 years i went for an interview, My reading / writing is not great plus they do a mechanical test where you have to read / follow written instructions (like a flat pack) and to be honest i'm not great at that, More of a hands on person that just figures stuff out on my own if i have not done before. Did not get offered a job so the next day back to work with 8 jobs, a mixture of windscreen replacement, Body glass and 1 repair but what do i know. Seems to me they want robots that can follow written instructions and not think for themselves.n/an/a"

Driver/Warehouseman (Former Employee) says

"If you don't care about days off working 3 times harder than you should to cover lazy staff missing breaks and taking c!@p all the time off management it might be the job for you but if not wouldn't recommend at all biggest fraudsters going charging insurance companies for parts they don't use then return back to stockNoneRegular rota changes messing with days off"

Customer Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Did not enjoy working for the company, I have a young family I was told in the interview they were flexible with young families, any training and meetings would be scheduled into your work hours, this was incorrect information I was scheduled many meetings outside of myour work hours meaning I had to arrange care for my son.Rubbish pay"

General Assistant (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work would be to unload and check the 3 to 4 pallets of glass delivered by night, wrap and stock them in the correct places, put any returns back on the empty pallets and fill out appropriate paperwork. deliver glass to technicians throughout the day, collect or return customers cars, unload, check, stock deliveries throughout the day, pick the orders for next days jobs.Management to laid back for certain people and hard on others, usually to laid back with the outspoken employees, hard on the ones that just get on with their jobs.A couple of really good co-workers but mostly some of the worst I have worked with in terms of attitude and personality.Hardest part of the job was getting blamed for anything that went wrong in the stock department when 9 times out of 10 it was the office workers fault rather than mine, by not orderin correct glass, to switching jobs from one employee to another after i had gone home meaning the glass that had been picked for one individual is now in the wrong rack, leaving confusion and heated debates between me and the technicians in the mornings.Most Enjoyable part of the job was being given multiple drops to do throughout the day keeping me out of the warehouse, helping technicians and meeting new people.could take a van home from time to time, some days would be out in the van all day delivering, meeting new people, and left to do my job.hardly finished on time, low wage, no job security"

Glass Technician (Former Employee) says

"Terrible working environment. Management is shocking and has no clue. No support or understanding. Two faced work colleagues that would stab you in the back with no hesitation. Will promise you everything on your interview but you’ll get nothing. You have no time for your lunch or any other break. If you stop for your lunch break you’ll be asked why you aren’t working. Please think twice before you join this company!NoneTo many"

Customer Relations Manager (Current Employee) says

"I personally wouldn't recommend Autoglass to neither friends or fo, this used to be a great company to work for, however they recently implemented their "new come back campaign" and are even worse than ever, they don't encourage thinking out side the box just the do as your told mentality. On a side note if you require any form of automotive glass work doing then I would seriously recommend that you speak to your insurance company to see if they will allow you to use a competitor since the average Job takes them 3days to complete and the average competitor can generally do it alot sooner.NoneToo many to mention"

District Support Team Member (Former Employee) says

"You think your getting a good wage for the job you’ll be doing.. give it a few weeks and you’ll realise your not getting paid enough!! Extra hours I HAD to put in as I was forced to get things done and no extra pay. I wasn’t just doing what I was asked in the interview there was so much more to it and not enough time or staff. We was very understaffed and they refused to recruit"

Agente de telemarketing (Former Employee) says

"É um ambiente estressante. As cobranças são altas e o reconhecimento baixo.Ticket e plano de saudeestresse e ingerencia"

Windscreen Technician (Current Employee) says

"staff turn over is very high and the benefits aren't the greastest"

Call centre operative (Former Employee) says

"I worked for the company for a short while after an agency got me in there. I was rather shocked to find that on my first training day, where we're told to be at least 15 minutes earlier, so be there by 8.45, and no one arrived to collect us until after 9.30! This went on for several days. On top of this the managers that were supposed to be training us, would constantly be swearing, and telling us about her night out the night before, and her hangovers etc. I also found the women there to be very rude towards me and a few others, and they would openly talk about the temps and other members of staff in front of us. The job itself is okay, but the women there that are in positions of power do seem to think that thru belong in the high heavens. Ive never been in a more uncomfortable and miserable work place then this.Theres a canteen, free vending machines, some nice peopleNasty mamagement team. If youre even a minute late they will call your agency and complain about you, so be warmer"

Call Centre Advisor (Current Employee) says

"not good poor customer service staff are not appreciated managers not helping staff poor leadership demonstarted by all managers lack of leadership and no ideas at all"

Call Centre Agent (Current Employee) says

"The job itself offers a generous salary, however you need to expect that the management could not care less about your work life balance. I have benn employed here for three years and you could go three months without two days off consecutively. This could be improved but the schedulers can not be bothered to accommodate requests.SalaryComplete disregard for work life balance"

Automotive glass technician (Former Employee) says

"After 9 years of working Autoglass and the hundreds of thousands of pounds that I made and probably saved So although I enjoyed the nature of the job and the team I worked with Unless your a robot and indesructable and enjoy chasing a bonus that you'll never get due to the way they have changed the earning system you be for ever chasing the weather and the parking and the next job. Not a dull job but don't have an accident on their watch as they will just get rid of you and replace you with an 18 year old fresh out of Sainsburys bakery , And then let lose on customers carsOutdoors workingNon acheivable bonus"

Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"Personally I wouldn't recommend it as a long term position as there is no progression there at all despite what they tell you in the job adverts or in the interview. Unless your that "one" person who goes the distance to try get promoted... but trust me its not worth the effort. Its a solid graft role with no reward and the management is ridiculously poor with no proper processes in place. Manager makes up his own mind as to how he wants to deal with you and will humiliate you in front of everyone whenever he pleases and he finds that entertaining.. no point complaining to HR as they wont do anything about it."

Windscreen Technician (Former Employee) says

"Worked here for a while, training in Birmingham is comprehensive but the on the job training is poor. End up just being an extra pair of hands and not being shown much due to buddy having to get through their work load! Sent off on your own and working on 70k Range Rovers in the first week after being told you’d be doing basic screens on fiestas etc is enough to cause anxiety! Management say it’s down to work load.. not sure the customer would appreciate being sent a brand new employee to work on such an expensive car. This is certainly a company where if your face fits you’ll be fine. I loved it for a couple of months, hated it from the day I was sent out alone with very little experience in the field. Was glad to get out after less than a year and it’s a time in my life I try to forget now. Wouldn’t recommend this place, go to Nationals instead.Training centre is very good. New tools, decent vansOn the job training is poor, TT’s literally hide in bushes to try and catch you out.. we know, it doesn’t work!"

Financeiro/Administrativo (Former Employee) says

"Possui crescimento profissional e equipes destinadas a fazer o melhor."

Scott Wilby says

"Auto glass engineer Split primer on my driver other 2 weeks ago still trying to get into contact with customer service team to get a cleaning team out they keep saying this will ring me back but never do! The drive is band new too"

Dan Halsall says

"Had an appointment booked for them to.attend my address they never turned up never even bothered to call me to say they wernt or even the fact that supposedly my vehicle required calibration so i rang them complained etc for the fact i took the day off work they offered me in the end £15 ....thankfully i never paid the excess which they wont be getting for the fact £15 is both disrespectful and derogatory based upon the circumstances and to make matters worse its not the first time theyve messed up Generally poor/terrible communication couldn't run a pi$$ up in a brewery"

Josh Bamford says

"Absolutely nightmare. Had a broken window to which I hired Autoglass to fix it because it needed doing promptly. I saw that the balance was to be paid but I wanted to ask if it was for before or after the job so I waited for the Mechanic to turn up. He informed me it was before and that he needed to see it was paid before completing the job. I did this though the online transaction and then showed the mechanic my transaction. He said that it hadn't showed up to him that it had gone through but it probably just needed a bit of time, so he finished and then was on his way. I kept an eye on my bank account to make sure it didn't bounce back. Which it didn't. I then receive emails and letters with an outstanding balance to be paid. I explained to people I have paid it and then prove to them I have paid it to which they say OK. Fast forward a year and they sent me a Final Demand letter stating the balance is still due and that it needed to be paid in 7 days. Now I've recently moved house and didnt get this for a couple of months, way past the 7 days. So once again I've proven that I've paid it and that it is their duty to find it and leave me alone."

Nikolay says

"Called them to repair windscreen chip and replace windscreen wipers. The chip is still there(after work carried) and no new wipers fitted. Poor customer service, and very poor work quality. Avoid!!!"

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